Incorporate a new feature into a highly adopted app

Analyse an already existing and highly adopted app and incorporate a new feature into the existing product.
Create a “special moments planner”, a new feature to send messages to relatives automatically in the app Tinybeans

Tinybeans is marketed as a ‘safer way’ for parents to share photos and videos with family and friends — privately. It is a lot more than an ‘Instagram for kids pics’ or ‘Facebook for parents’. The service is a digital journal for parents and the rest of the family.

Read full case study here.
In order to better understand the user, I interviewed 12 people with kids to determine which kind of special moments they would schedule a message, and on which platform they use to upload their kid’s pictures.


Then I started to think about the ‘Jobs To Be Done (JTBD)’, useful to center the attention on user's motivation and desired outcome. The main idea is that you “hire” a product to do a job for you. JTBD follow the template “When_____, I want to______, so that I can____.” 
The when is focused on the situation, the want on the motivation, and the can on the outcome. In my case, the JTBD I formed was:

"When I am busy and don’t remember the birthday of my relatives, I want to send them memories automatically so that I can provide a special moment and don’t fail to honour them by sending pictures or videos".

To finish the definition step, I also used the Value Proposition Canvas to understand what jobs my new feature was able to hold.

Time to Ideate the new feature defining the User Flow and sketching in Lo-fidelity. I had to change a couple of times the User Flow to create a proper happy path and to have an overview of all the steps and information needed for a successful outcome. Plenty of usability tests were very important at this point to identify potential problems or confusion.

Lo-fidelity prototype

Time to Prototype, to make the idea come true, respecting each detail of the original app, reproducing the existing UI elements of Tinybeans, adding buttons, new features and screens naturally trying to impact as little as possible.

Hi-fidelity prototype

Applying Atomic Design Principles, and defining Atoms, Molecules, and Organisms of my project, I created a Library in Sketch with the UI elements that help to read and compose the app (Colour Palette, Buttons, Typography, Icons, and other components). Consistency is the keyword here. The Patterns Inventory is an easy and accessible reference point for future work on the design system.
After testing, here is the animation after the iterations based on the feedback I got during testing. The task to be done is: to schedule a message for Gramma’s Birthday, select the periodicity 'only once', pick a Collage with 3 pictures, write a message, and send it.

The "special moment planner" prototype for Tinybeans

Thank you! 
Get in touch, I’d love to hear your feedback.


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