Who am I?

No space for existencial questions.

I’m a UX/UI Designer and Journalist particularly interested in strategic problem-solving, coolhunting, technology, storytelling, and creative ideas. A free-spirited person, internet culture observer, and critical thinking expert. 

In 10 years of experience as a journalist, I had the chance to tell multiple stories about different people and the realities that I encountered. I developed fundamental skills in interviews, teamwork, communicative and analytical skills, and especially empathy. As a Sports Journalist, I had the opportunity to cover everything from the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup to football tournaments in indigenous villages 

At the end of 2018, I decided to jump out of my comfort zone to see the world in a different way. I dared to take on new professional perspectives through the Design and Innovation field. My ace in the hole was to use my expertise in understanding people and bring a fresh perspective to add to a multidisciplinary field.  Which, in my opinion, makes the UX Design field such a nurturing and vivid professional field.

Having lived in four different countries, I have a penchant for multicultural environments. It also required openness and a sense of adventure. I'm always on the lookout for new "stuff". For the seeds of change that drive our culture in new and ever more distinctive ways.

Graduated in Journalism at Universidade Federal da Bahia (Salvador, Brazil), post-graduated in Trends and Culture Management at School of Arts and Humanities of Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal), Design Innovation, Coolhunting and Global Trends at Elisava (Barcelona, Spain). 

Currently, I'm a User Experience Researcher at Wella Company, and an MA student of Culture and Communication at Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal).

Always on the lookout for great stories to live and share. 

If you prefer, take a look at my CV here.
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